6 Reasons Why Email is the Future of Marketing Success

April 19, 2019 | By Kira Leigh

The Future of Email Marketing and Beyond

Why having an email marketing strategy is non-negotiable

Even in today’s world of instant messaging, voice and video, the humble email is still the king.

Just take a look at these hard to ignore stats:

By 2013 there were more than 3.6 billion email addresses in use (Radicati), with 838 billion email messages sent that year by marketers (Forrester).

While 74% of consumers prefer to get their business communications by email (Merkle), the average click-through rate for B2B marketing emails in 2013 was only 1.7%! (Epsilon)

Now, those numbers really paint a bigger picture. They tell us that while email for sales remain the most eminently powerful method of communication in the business sphere, many marketers are simply not using it right.

The Direct Marketing Association informs us that 66% of consumers have made a purchase as a result of marketing messages by email… and that email marketing has an ROI as high as 4,300%!

So where are all these email marketers going wrong with their sales emails, marketing emails, and drip campaigns?

Well, take mobile for example:

As many as 48% of emails are read using a mobile device (Litmus), but only 11% of those sent are optimized for mobile (Equinux). The result?

According to Litmus, 69% of non-optimized emails are deleted unread.

The message we’re seeing, time and time again, is that email for sales is devastatingly effective when used well… but if marketers don’t keep up with their customers’ emailing habits, it soon becomes next to useless.

Being the most powerful tool in the marketing automation and marketing toolbox doesn’t mean anything when you can’t employ it effectively.

The future of email lies in mobile, in email automation and personalization.. mail that knows where it’s going, and knows how to deliver the message in a way that converts.

That’s exactly what we offer with Sellution: intelligent email.

You can stop reading now, and go try it out for yourself for free. I’m so confident that our email marketing platform will solve marketing and email automation woes, that in just 14 days, I know you’ll make the leap to your new Sellution.

Or you can read on to find out how we personalize emails, track those messages—and their responses—to help you drive effective marketing campaigns and see dramatically increased sales!

1.) Email is Still the Most Reliable—and Cheapest—Way to Market Online

Some people have been predicting the death of email as a medium, especially as new forms of digital communication emerge, for a long time.

Everyday there’s a new thought piece article on how sales email practices are long since gone, and email marketing campaigns are moot.

But, email is still here—and it promises to be around for a very long time to come.

Email is reliable and versatile, and remains the dominant force in online communication and marketing.

It’s fast, it ignores the barriers of distance and geography, and it’s cheap! There are no printing or postage costs, and no charges for publication or airtime.

In fact, email has possibly the highest ‘Return Of Investment’ rating out of any marketing system.

The Direct Marketing Association estimated in 2011 that email marketing had a return rate of some forty times the money invested into it.

Now those are some good odds...but only if you do it right.

So where do marketers go wrong, exactly? They don’t personalize their email marketing campaigns enough, for starters!

2.) The Future is Personalized

At least, that's what leading digital marketing advisors from E-consultancy and Adestra found, when they conducted a poll of experts.

With access to rich personalized data at your fingertips, soulless, bulk drip email campaigns are going the way of the dinosaurs. It’s time to stop alienating customers with generic, fire-and-forget spam—personalized emails are the way forward!

The best thing though, is that you already have that data. All you need now is a business management system with the brains to use it. You also need to create, send, and track drip emails that are more likely to hit their mark.

That’s where a high-velocity All-In-One software solution comes into play.

Sellution will let you choose from a variety of designer themes, customize colors, format content, headers, and much more – in your quest to create emails that really speak to your customers.

3.) The Future is Trackable

The amazing thing about email marketing and drip campaigns is that you can track when your customers open your emails, what links they clicked, and even if they follow certain actions towards a purchase.

A robust email marketing platform, paired with a high-powered CRM solution, allows you to see the entire scope of a customer’s interactions.

From that very first introductory email, all the way to what drove a purchase, email puts the power of marketing campaign roadmaps in your hands.

Conversions have a solid starting point, where email and automated drip email campaigns are concerned.

There’s far less guess work involved, and you can know, almost instantly, just how successful your subject line and preview text were to get your customers engaged.

Not only does this type of email marketing tool give you the granular capacity to nurture your customers from a personalization perspective, it also lets you know which piece of copywriting (or text) gets your customers most engaged.

This lets you make broader changes to copy involved with your other touchpoints, which in-turn, creates more sales!

Pretty powerful, huh?

4.) The Future is Automated 

You might think that planning a new email marketing campaign takes a lot of time… but it doesn’t need to. Automated email marketing will set you free!

The clever email creation tools in Sellution will allow you to put the whole process into autopilot.

  • Track campaign responses to see what worked, and what didn’t.
  • Make changes to the campaign based on that tracking information on the fly.

Today’s technological strides in email marketing allow you to create multi-track workflows, monitor customer behavior and responses… and then use those insights to inform your future campaigns.

The result? You'll be able to spend more time on planning email marketing strategy, without compromising on those individual tasks.

5.) The Future is Sequential

Another revolutionary thing about contemporary email marketing practices is the ability to trigger emails based on actions your customers take.

Say your customer put an item in their shopping cart, but didn’t go through with the purchase. You can double-back, automatically, to remind them to finish up their purchase. This is known as a Cart Abandonment email.

You can also segment your customers via different criteria, allowing you to send the most valuable emails to the customers who would benefit most from them..

Email segmentation, automated email campaigns, automated drip email, and email sequencing lets you put your email marketing efforts on autopilot.

A high-powered email marketing platform gives you the tools to make granular, measurable changes to keep optimizing your efforts.

Optimization means your business can skyrocket in growth, using data to inform your decisions.

But to do that, you need a stellar email analytics dashboard, don’t you?

6.) Email Analytics Allow You to Market Smarter, Not Harder

The speed of email allows you to monitor opens, click-through rates and conversion stats in real-time. 

You'll be able to make immediate changes to your campaign depending on these data inputs – this powerful source of business intelligence really shows the strength of email and analytics working in combination.

But in order to wield the power of email effectively, you need a phenomenal email marketing tool, right?. 

The Future of Email Marketing Has Arrived

Sellution allows you to send unlimited messages per day, perform advanced scheduling and time zone optimization, while even providing additional tools like interactive marketing calendars.

Using our data aggregators to analyze marketing campaigns in this way shows just what a powerful weapon the humble email can be.

So in fact, the future of email marketing is already here… you just didn’t have the tools to use it to its fullest potential. 

Now you do!

Scott Snyder is the Founder & CEO of Sellution. He is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes gain access to the technology they need in order to grow.
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