Real-Time Business Dashboards

Review all of your company’s vital signs at a glance, no more hunting through spreadsheets for those crucial figures!

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Track Your Sales, Growth, and Much More...

Sellution's business dashboards allow you to view your business vital signs at a glance.

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Track Trends

Identify trends and buying patterns with our real-time dashboards.

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Collaborate & Share

Share and collaborate with teams and employees.

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Monitor Performance

Monitor performance across sales, marketing, and customer service.

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Customizable Dashboards

Adjust layouts and configure for different roles.

Dashboard Widgets

Data Visualization

Your Business Dashboard is the place where all your business intelligence comes together – all of your numbers in one place, allowing you to make better, more powerful decisions on the fly.

Monitoring Metrics and KPIs

Create and monitor Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to determine how effectively your company is achieving its key business objectives.

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Improved Business Intelligence at a Glance!

Our Interactive Business Dashboards are fully customizable – an intuitive drag-and-drop interface will allow you to rearrange the information, monitor trends, and visualize data.

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Business Dashboards

“The dashboard represents this unified space the place in which everything you do with customers can be graphed and analyzed to look for trends and insights.”

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Mobile Dashboard

Mobile Business Dashboards

With Sellution's Real-Time Business Dashboard Technology , you'll be able to drill down, filter and interact with your data on the go.

Mobile CRM App

Sellution Mobile offers a complete business analytics platform, including interactive analysis, rich data visualizations, customization, enterprise reporting, and more...

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Smart Tools For Business Dashboards

Our dashboards can be customized as Executive Dashboards, Sales Dashboards, Marketing Dashboards, Business Dashboards, Call Center Dashboards, Social Media Dashboards, and tailored to just about any industry.

Bullet Check Icon Business Intelligence

Easily analyze campaigns, conversion rates and turn your data into actionable business intelligence.

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Bullet Check Icon Data Visualization Widgets

Create custom data visualizations widgets for your business needs.

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Bullet Check Icon Business Mapping

Visualize your business data on a map.

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