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Start Mapping Your Business Data

Empower your employees to make informed decisions by visualizing your business data geospatially.

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Business Planning

Enhance your business planning with geospatial mapping.

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Improved Decision Making

Gain valuable insights by plotting your business on interactive maps.

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Increased User Adoption

Increase user adoption with advanced data visualization.

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Unlimited Possibilities

We're ready to help put your business data on the map!

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Data Visualization

Sellution’s business mapping software transforms your raw business data into actionable business intelligence.

User Adoption

With Sellution's business mapping software will lead to clearer insights, increased efficiencies, higher returns on ROI, and much more...

CRM Mobile App

Our interactive map technology comes fully integrated into Sellution's desktop and mobile apps, and it's powered by Google Maps…

Business Data Mapping
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Interactive Map Technology

Sellution comes with finely tuned metrics for measuring your company’s analytics.

Advanced Data Visualization

In addition to our business mapping features, you’ll also be able to take advantage of timelines, charts and graphs – making it easy for you to plot your data on a worldwide canvas!

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We’re ready to help you put your business data on the map!

We all know no two businesses are exactly alike. So if you need customization let us help you integrate a solution for you.

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“Geospatial mapping will add a whole new dimension to your business.”

Scott E. Snyder
President, Sellution

Business Mapping Benefits

There are many benefits to keeping track of the locations where you do business. Below are just a few of the advantages:

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Plotting your customer base according to location provides valuable information via location analytics.|

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The ability to plot your business across a map allows for the convenient event planning.

Bullet Check Icon Decision Making

Often insights you’ve overlooked can only be discovered by considering the dimension of location.

Bullet Check Icon User Adoption

Geospatial plotting can easily be applied to Sales, Marketing or Customer Service departments.

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Drill into your business data with our criteria search engine.

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We are committed to helping our customers answer complex problems about their business.

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