We Love Small & Medium Sized Businesses

We're dedicated to leveling the playing field so small and medium sized businesses can compete in the B2B supply chain!

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We’re redefining how business software works

Sellution's revolutionary Unified Commerce Platform is built on 4 Foundational Pillars to empower small and medium sized businesses.

Our Core Values

We value our employees and they embrace our core values listed below.

We Empower Entrepreneurs

We empower small businesses and entrepreneurs with the technology they need to be successful.

We Are Focused

We achieve our goals, we don't get distracted.

Customer Satisfaction

Make each customer an evangelist, only agree to what you can deliver, and always deliver what you agree to.

We're Relentless

Always inspire yourself, your co-workers, your teams to a higher state of performance, speed, quality, completeness and competitiveness.


Be professional with every interaction with employees, customers and vendors. Treat them with the utmost respect and honesty.


Every person has a role on the team. Communicate with and count on everyone to do their job flawlessly as you would expect them to count on you.


Deliver on your commitments, be transparent about progress, and be equally willing to reap the rewards or pay the consequences of your performance.


Out-think the competition. Constantly drive creative ideas. Listen for and bring the best ideas and practices to the company.

Open Communication

Speak your mind and demand the same from all others you work with. Insist that bad news travels faster than good news.

Listen Well, Act Quickly

Listen well, entertain the ideas of others (inside and out); seek counsel, then act decisively.