Real-Time Data Visualization

Sellution comes with a wide range of advanced visualization tools and key performance indicators(KPI's).


View any single metric as a numerical value.


The table widget allows for effective communication of two-dimensional data.

Spark Line

Perfect for a small, compact display of a vast amount of information.

Pie Chart

Analyze shares or percentages with a colorful, customizable pie chart.

Bar/Line Chart

Compare your data series using a bar chart, for a quick and easy analysis.


Gauges are a great way to visualize progress.


Put your business contacts, opportunities, and more on the map.

News Feed

Visualize company wide updates and interactions with your colleagues.

Smart Tools for Data Visualization

Sellution's Unified Commerce Platform, allows you to visualize your data across your entire organization.

Bullet Check Icon Contact Management Software

Enjoy a comprehensive contact profile for every contact in your database.

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Bullet Check Icon CRM Role-Based Security

Create role permissions and password policies for various job functions and assign them to users.

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Bullet Check Icon Business Dashboards

Real-time reporting and visualization about your leads, opportunities, accounts, and much more...

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