Email Marketing

Send The Right Message At The Right Time To The Right People!

Sales Automation

Launch Sucessful Email Campaigns In Minutes

Sellution's email marketing software makes it easy to send personalized marketing emails without any coding experience needed.

Virtual Phone System Dashboard

Improve Sales Process

In today's customer experience economy it's more important than ever to understand your customers' needs, wants and desires and offer them the solution that solves their problems.

Inside Sales Acceleration

Sellution's sales acceleration software can help your company revolutionize your sales process and empower your inside sales development reps to connect with your customers like never before.

Sales Force Automation Benefits

With Sellution you can use organization wide business intelligence to close more deals.

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Make Your Reps More Productive

Sellution's sales automation software helps your reps prioritize and personalize communications whether on the desktop or mobile.

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Book More Meetings

With Sellution your reps are going to be able to combine calling, texting, email, and social media to reach buyers so they can book more meetings.

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Make More Phone Calls

Use Sellution’s virtual phone system and power dialer to make more cold phone calls to accelerate sales and close more deals.

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Understand Your Prospects

With built-in personas you'll be able to engage your prospects by understanding their needs, wants and desires.

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Close More Deals

Create and implement a high velocity sales pipeline and much more...

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Forecast With More Accuracy

With Sellution's advanced reporting engine you'll be able to spot trends and forecast with more accuracy.

Email Marketing

Sales Email Templates

Access a library of high converting email templates and easily personalize them with unique subject lines and content for each recipient.

Email Templates

Choose from a list of email templates or write your own copy on the fly and share them with your team.

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Email Tracking
  • Bullet Check Icon Email Tokens
  • Bullet Check Icon Email Scheduling
  • Bullet Check Icon Email Sequences
Email Templates
Email Templates
Email Personalization Tokens
Email Personalization

Automated Emails

With Sellution you can send a series of timed emails to your prospect so you never lose touch or miss an opportunity.

Email Templates

Choose from a list of email templates or write your own copy on the fly.

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Email Scheduling
  • Bullet Check Icon Email Templates
  • Bullet Check Icon Integrations
  • Bullet Check Icon Reply Detection
Sales Playbooks

Boost Customer Engagement

With Sales Playbooks your inside sales reps will be guided through a series of steps (Task, Meetings, Calls) to qualify prospects.

Sales Playbook
Sales Meetings

Meeting Scheduler

Easily create a Meeting Scheduler page that allows leads to book meetngs with your inside sales team.

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Google Calendar Integration
  • Bullet Check Icon Outlook Calendar Integration
  • Bullet Check Icon Reminder Notifications
  • Bullet Check Icon GoToMeeting Integration
  • Bullet Check Icon Attendance Reporting
  • Bullet Check Icon Customization
Meeting Scheduler
Book Meeting Page
Power Dialer

Power Dialer for Sales Acceleration

Leverage Sellution's power dialer and virtual phone system to increase your sales engagement.

Do your sales reps cold call? If so, Sellution has the ultimate B2B calling scripts and much more

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Cold Calling Scripts
  • Bullet Check Icon Inbound Voicemail
  • Bullet Check Icon Call Recording
  • Bullet Check Icon Call Analytics
Virtual Phone System
Sellution Power Dialer

"Sales Force Automation is the process of maximizing the efficiency of the repeatable processes a sales person performs."

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Sales Playbook Report

Sales Reporting for Monitoring Inside Sales

Real-time reports show you how your email sequences are performing.

Email Report

CRM Sales Software Features

Sellution's Sales Force Automation software delivers real-time business intelligence for sales enablement.

Bullet Check Icon Meeting Scheduler

Give each sale representative their own booking page to set more meetings.

Bullet Check Icon Sales Pipeline Management

Never miss a sales opportunity again with Sellution's sales pipeline software.

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Bullet Check Icon Quote Management Software

Easily manage your sales quotes and associate them with your contact profiles.

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Bullet Check Icon Sales Automation

Use sales playbooks to automate the creation of task, phone calls and emails.

Bullet Check Icon Email Sequences

Use sales playbooks to create your sales reps email outreach on autopilot

Bullet Check Icon Mobile CRM

Allow your reps to access your CRM data anytime and anywhere from a mobile device.

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Bullet Check Icon Power Dialer

A built-in sales dialer allows sales reps to make more sales calls.

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Bullet Check Icon Document Tracking

Create a resource library with documents for reps to share and track opens.

Bullet Check Icon Email Tracking

With Sellution you can get notified when a prospect or customer views, opens, or even clicks on a link in the email you sent.

Bullet Check Icon Email Templates

Access a library of email templates to save time and convert more leads into paying customers.