Lead Capture Form

Popup Creator For Growing Your Email List and Promoting Your Brand.

Use Sellution to build high converting lead capture forms that are embedded on your blog, website or any html page.

Lead Capture Form

Email Capture Pop Up Forms

Sellution's Pop Up Forms can be set up to quickly display your popups on any website pages without the help of programmers and designers.

Lead Form Library

Pop Up Creator

Just like all the other processes within the Sellution, data collected from Pop Up will be fed back to the rest of your business modules to provide timely updates and rich data insights.

Grow Your Email List

Collect emails and use them for sending exciting newsletters, special offers and promotions.

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Pop Up Form

Pop Up Form Positions

Sellution's popup creator can be used to customize and position your forms at different positions on your webpage. Choose from the top, middle, bottom left or bottom right to provide your visitors with valuable information and opportunities.

No Coding Required

We made our pop up maker interactive, you don't need to know html or any coding to configure your Pop Up Forms.

Choose from different styles:

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  • Bullet Check Icon Drop Down Banner
  • Bullet Check Icon Slide In Box Left
  • Bullet Check Icon Slide In Box Right
Pop Up Form Positions

Form Builder

Our Pop Up Form Builder allows you to create beautiful optin forms that are optimized for high conversion rates.

Pop Up Form Builder
Pop Up Form Library
Behavior Automation

Pop Up Triggers

Get More subscribers and customers with the power of Sellution's pop up triggers.

Sellution allows you to set the display of forms based on several options, such as when users attempt to leave a page, when they scroll a certain distance on the page or even based on how long they are on the page.

On Page Load

Welcome your users with a popup that appears as soon as the page loads

On Click

Pop Up is triggered only after a click on a certain element you select on your page.

On Exit Intent

With Sellution's exit-intent technology you can show popups at the exact time when your visitors want to exit your website.

On Scroll

Pop Up is triggered as soon as the user scrolls a % of the page.

Page Level Targeting

Page level targeting allows you show your popups on specifically selected pages on your website or blog.

Embed Code

With our embed code added to your site you can simply enter the pages in your Sellution account and your pop ups will magically appear on your site.


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Page Level Targeting

"Sellution makes it easy to capture more leads and to automate the lead generation process."

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Smart Tools for Capturing Leads

Start designing your own Lead Capture Forms today… with the powerful, effective and easy-to-use tools provided by Sellution.

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Slice and dice your leads however you see fit with our criteria search engine.

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All data captured from your pop up form is seamlessly integrated with Sellution's Sales CRM Platform.

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Score leads and contacts based on demographics, location, and more...