Employee Scheduling Software

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Employee Scheduler

Schedule, Communicate & Track attendance!

Our scheduling software makes it easy to manage and edit your shifts. Change them from person-to-person, day-to-day, until you are satisfied with the schedule.

Employee Scheduling

Easily schedule time shifts and manage employee availability.

Manage Employees

Manage employee profiles, positions, performance, and more...

Virtual Time Clock

Track employee hours, tardiness, overtime, and more...

Fully Integrated

Works in perfect harmony with the entire Sellution Platform.

Employee Scheduling Made Simple

Start tracking time and attendance with Sellution's Employee Scheduling Software.

Scheduling Work Shift

Employee Scheduling


Sellution Desktop iPad iPhone

Work Force Management

With Sellution, you'll have the tools to cooordinate and manage your entire workforce.

Staff Availability

Employees can easily set their weekly availability allowing management to save valuable time on scheduling.

Employee Availability

“Spend less time scheduling and more time growing your business with Sellution's fully integrated employee scheduling software.”

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Mobile Time Clock

Employee Time Clock & Attendance

Easily access reports to let you track who is coming in late and who is missing shifts.

Virtual Time Clock

No expensive hardware required! Sellution turns your computer, tablet, or phone into a virtual time clock.

GPS Location

When your employees clock in and clock out, Sellution records their location so you can view your attendance right on google maps.

SMS Notification

SMS Messaging and Notifications

Eliminate schedule-related attendance excuses. Give your employees 24/7 access to schedules and shift changes combined with SMS and email reminders.

Shift Reminders

With Sellution, your employees will automatically get notified if they forgot to clock in, and if they still haven't clocked in after a specified time threshold you will get notified as well.

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Smart Tools For Employee Scheduling!

Our simple to use Employee Scheduling Software eliminates the hassle of expensive, stand-alone hardware.

Bullet Check Icon Location/Shift Mgmt.

Easily assign employees positions and their designated work location.

Bullet Check Icon Human Resources

Employees can easily review their schedule, request time-off, and much more…

Bullet Check Icon Role Management

Easily control access rights and permission with role management.

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