With Sellution there are several ways to create and manage your events. This can be done through the calendar or from the event detail page.

In this article:

  • Getting Started
  • Scheduling Event
  • Event Participants
  • Getting Started

Getting Started

From the Launchpad click on on the CRM Module.

On the left menu choose Daily Planner

This will open the Daily Planner submenu.

Click the Events link.

Scheduling Event

From the list of page click the New Event button.

You will now be taken to the event detail page where you can enter information about the event.

The Event detail page has a few tabs

  • Profile
  • Related To
  • Tags

Profile Tab

The profile contains the basic information about the event that you want to create.

Let’s review the fields on the profile tab.


You can enter a short description about the event that you will see from the list page.


You can enter a more detailed description of the event.


You can specify if the event all-day by checking the All-Day check box.

Start & End Time

To specify the start and end time of the event the icon to open the settings.


From the reminder drop down click the checkbox to set one or more reminders.

Event Type

For advanced reporting purposes we allow you to specify what type of event you are scheduling.

You can add to the event types in settings>list management

Event Resources

Resources consists of equipment needed for a specific service or event.

You can add to this list from settings > list management

Event Locations

Choose from your list of saved event locations.

To Add a location click the Add Location Button in the drop down menu.

A pop-up will emerge where you can specify the event location details.

Enter your location details and click Save.

The new location will automatically be assigned to the event. If you would like you can choose a different one from the drop down menu.

Your event locations can are managed from the Event Locations page which can be accessed from the left menu.


Specify the priority for the event. You can add more priorities from the settings > list management page.

Event Participants

Add participants to your event. Participants must exist as one of your contacts.

Event Notes

Use the notes section to add additional details about the event.

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