Task Management

With Sellution you can manage task and track their progress and access the records associated with each task.

In this article:

  • Getting Started
  • Filtering Task
  • New Task
  • Related To
  • Tags

Getting Started

From the Launchpad click on on the CRM Module.

On the left menu choose Daily Planner

You will be now see the Daily Planner submenu items.

Click Tasks

You will be taken to the Task List page.

This is a list of all our your task.

Filtering Task

To filter your task list, click the Filter button in the upper right.

A filter menu will emerge where you can filter by assignee from the drop-down menu. You can also filter by clicking on the different completion status buttons.

New Task

To schedule a new call, click the New Task button in the upper right.

You will be taken to the Task Detail page.

The Task detail page has the following tabs

  • Profile
  • Related To
  • Tags

In this article, we will cover the profile tab.


The profile contains the basic information about the task you want to create.

Let’s review the fields on the profile tab.


You can enter a short description of the task that you will see from the list page.


You can enter a longer description of the task for users that are viewing it on the detail page or from other areas of the platform.

Start & End Time

To specify the start and end time of the event the icon to open the settings.


Choose a reminder so you’re notified at the specified time before the call is scheduled to begin.

Task Type

As a business, you have different processes in place for the type of task that has been assigned.

You can assign different task type here and manage them from settings > list management.

Task Status

Indicate the Stage of Completion.

You may add more statuses in settings > list management.


Indicate the task priority level.

Assigned To

Task can be created by a user and transferred to another user from the assigned to drop down menu.


Use the notes section to add additional details about the event.

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