Phone Calls

With Sellution you can either schedule and log calls. This can be done manually or you can use the call center functionality to dynamically log calls.

In this article:

  • Getting Started
  • New Phone Call
  • Call Profile
  • Call Log
  • Adding Notes To A Call
  • Related To
  • Tags

Getting Started

From the Launchpad click on on the CRM Module.

On the left menu choose Daily Planner

You will be now see the Daily Planner submenu items.

Click Phone Calls

You will be taken to the Phone Call List page.

This is a list of all our your calls that have not been closed.

New Phone Call

To schedule a new call, click the New Call button in the upper right.

You will be taken to the Phone Call Detail page.

The Phone Call detail page has a few tabs

  • Call Profile
  • Related To
  • Tags

The profile contains the basic information about the phone call you want to schedule.

Call Profile

The profile contains the basic information about the phone call you want to schedule.

Let’s review the fields on the profile tab.


You can enter a short description about the call that you will see from the list page.

Contact Type

In order to schedule a call the person must already exist in your database as one of the following contact types:

  • Leads
  • Vendors Account
  • Vendor Contact
  • Customer Account
  • Customer Contact
  • General Contacts

Choose the contact type for the person you are going to call.


The Contact drop down menu displays results from the Contact Type menu.

For example, if you want to schedule a call with a lead, you would choose the lead contact type and the from the Contact drop down menu you will choose who you want to contact from the list of all your leads.

Phone Number

The Phone Number drop down menu reads from the Contact you chose. You will select from phone numbers that belong to the contact you chose.


Write a detailed description regarding the call.

If you want the call to block out time on your calendar check the box.


When you make a call you can indicate a status that reflects the current stage of the call.

Sellution comes with preloaded Statuses.

  • Scheduled
  • Cancelled
  • 1st Call: Left Message
  • Made Contact
  • 2nd Call: Left Message
  • Complete

You can add to this list in list management (located in settings)

Phone Call Type

Phone Calls are either outbound or inbound. You specify the type from here however if call is made through call center it will automatically set the proper call type when call is logged.


You can indicate the urgency of the phone call.

Assigned To

Phone calls can be scheduled by a user and transferred to another user from the assigned to drop down menu.

Start Time

Set the time for the start of the call.


Choose a reminder so you’re notified at the specified time before the call is scheduled to begin.


You can set an estimated duration for the call. When calls are logged dynamically from the call center the duration will automatically be determined.

Call Log

When a call is completed using Sellution Voice you have an option to log the call.

After a call is logged it will be saved as an uneditable phone call. If the call was recorded it will show in the call log section of the phone call.

To hear the recording, press the play icon.


Use the notes section to add additional details about the phone call. Notes can be edited and deleted.

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