Lead Conversion

When your lead becomes qualified, you may choose to convert the lead to a customer contact and create a new deal (optional).

To convert a lead click the Convert Button on the lead detail page and a pop-up menu will appear.

In this article:

  • Convert a lead to a customer contact
  • Create a new deal during the conversion

Convert A Lead

The lead conversion process requires that the lead convert to a customer contact and that contact must be associated with an account.

In the pop-up you have two options for accounts:

  • Choose an existing account
  • Create a new account.

If you choose an existing account you will be able to choose an existing account from the drop down menu.

If you choose create a new account you will required to enter a new account name.

Create A New Deal

Your next option is to specify in there should be a new deal created for the lead.

Deal Name

Add a short name to describe the deal

Deal Description

Enter a description of the deal

Amount of Deal

Enter an estimated amount of the deal.


Sellution supports multiple pipelines that manage different stages of a deal. Choose the pipeline that you want your deal to belong to.


Each pipeline has a process or series of steps that the deal should progress through. Choose the stage for your deal.

Close Date

The date indicates the amount of time you have to close the deal.

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