General Contacts

In most cases contacts are related to an account, however in some cases you may have contacts that are not customers or potential customer that you need in your database.

Sellution allows you to manage these types contacts as General Contacts.

In this article:

  • Getting Started
  • General Contact List
  • New General Contact
  • Phone Section
  • Address Section
  • Social Media Section

Getting Started

From the Launchpad click on on the CRM Module.

From the left menu click Contacts.

A new menu of the different contact types will appear, choose General Contacts.

You will now see a list of General Contacts.

General Contact List

The General Contact list can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. You can also adjust the amount of contacts per page from the footer menu.

The footer has additional controls to manage your list. You can learn more about the paging controls here.

New General Contact 

From the list page click New.

You will be take to the General Contact Detail page.

On the detail page you will notice several sections for:

  • Profile
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Social Media
  • Notes

Each section on the general contact detail page is collapsible so you can optimize your screen real estate.

Profile Section

The profile section contains the main details about the contact. General contacts can be either individuals or a company.

If the general contact is a company select the company radio button in order to enter a company name.

Name Fields

First Name and Last Name. The name fields should always be entered in order to identify the records throughout the entire platform.


If you would like you can enter a title for the general contact’s job title.


General contacts can be grouped for organizational purposes. Create as many groups as you would like by clicking the Group drop down menu and then clicking on the Add Group button.

Each general contact can belong to as many groups as you would like.


Sellution features many powerful automation tools that can send things like Happy Birthday emails and much more. Use the birthday field to store your general contact’s birthday.


Use the gender radio buttons to specify which gender your general contact belongs too.

Primary & Secondary Email

Store your general contacts email address so you can easily communicate with them through Sellutions email tools.


Store your general contacts website url.

Email Marketing

Does your contact accept email marketing? Sellution will automatically update this check box based on your campaigns. You can also manually adjust this field.

Phone Numbers

Here you can add as many phone numbers for each contact as you would like. 

Simply click the Add button. A pop up will emerge with a drop down menu to specify the type of phone number and additional fields for the country code, phone number, and extension.


Easily add as many addresses for your general contact. Sellution syncs with Google Maps to identify the coordinates of the address and return a snapshot of the location.

To add an address click the Add button. A pop up will emerge with a drop down menu to specify the type of address.

ie. shipping address, billing address, etc.

fields for your address and the corresponding phone number for that address.

Social Media Section

To add a social media link, click the Add button.

A pop up will emerge with a drop down menu with the available social media platforms.

If you would like to add a new one you can go to settings>list management>social media type to add new ones.


Use the notes section to add additional details about the general contact.

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