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What are the different contact types in Sellution?

At the heart of Sellution’s unified platform is relationship management database of different types of contacts.

It is designed to manage business-to-business (B2B) relationships and business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships.


Accounts are organizations with which you have a relationship. This is where your customers, vendors, business partners, and other organizations will reside in your database.


Contacts are individual people within an organization that you have a relationship.

Sellution has several different contact types:

  • Leads
  • Customer Contacts
  • Vendor Contacts
  • General Contacts.

In most cases contacts are related to an account, however in some cases you may have contacts that are not customers or potential customer that you need in your database. Sellution allows you to manage these types contacts as General Contacts.


Leads are individuals or representatives of organizations collected from your marketing efforts. They may be captured at trade shows, from lead capture forms, advertisements and other marketing campaigns.

General Contacts

Sometimes you have contacts that are not customers, leads, or vendors. These may include friends, family, mentors, etc.. General Contacts allows you to easily manage these kind of contacts so they are not mixed in with in with your customers and vendors.

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