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Company Settings

Get started with Sellution by adding your company default settings.

In this article

  • View Settings
  • Company Profile Settings
  • Password Policy
  • Employee Setting
  • OG Settings
  • Twitter Settings

View Settings

Click on the user profile icon and then click View Settings.

Company Profile Settings

When you first view the settings page you will see a list of sections for each of the company settings. The Company Profile Settings is the first section. This is where you can set your company name and default timezone for the company.

Social Media Settings

Set your companies urls for the various social media platforms. This information can be used by Sellution  to later send invites to your contacts to engage with your brand on your social media pages.

Password Policies

Your Password Policies are defaulted as illustrated below. You can adjust the policy as per your organization’s decision on the level of security that you want to deploy to your employees.

The follow fields are described below:

  • User Password Expires
    • Choose the amount of time until your employees are required to change their password.
      • 30 days
      • 60 days
      • 90 days
  • Min Password Length
    • Set the required amount of characters in your password.
  • Enforce Password History
    • This is the amount passwords that are saved by Sellution to prevent a past password from being used again.
  • Password Complexity
    • Mix Alpha Numeric
    • Alpha Numeric
  • Max Invalid Login Attempts
    • This is the amount of invalid logins before a user is locked out.
  • Lockout Period
    • This is the amount of time that must elapse before you can attempt to login again after being locked out.

Employee Settings

  • Prefix
    • You can add a Prefix to the beginning of all Employee Ids
  • Suffix
    • You can add a Suffix to the end of all Employee Ids

OG Settings

You can set the default OG Settings for all Ecommerce, Blog and Help Desk Pages.

Twitter Settings

You can set the default Twitter Settings for all Ecommerce, Blog and Help Desk Pages.

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