What is a deal?

You can think of a deal as a sales opportunity you've identified through one of your Contacts or Leads.

When you start communicating with a Lead (a Contact or an Account) it’s your job to learn more about them and to qualify them as being sales ready.

A lead can come from many sources, for example:

  • A purchased list
  • An attendee at a tradeshow
  • A person on LinkedIn
  • etc...

Once the lead is sales qualified they can move into your sales pipeline. You can think of a sales Opportunity (Deal) as a Contact or an Account that has been sales qualified.

How do you qualify a lead?

Every company has different processes for their sales cycle, but a good rule of thumb is that in order to be in your sales cycle, the lead has already interacted with your sales team via a phone call, a meeting, and they have shown interest in your products or services.

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