Create Sales Pipeline

Selllution’s Deals module supports multiple sales pipelines. Each Sellution account comes with a default Sales Pipeline already added.

If you would like to track multiple sales pipelines, you can create new Pipelines within your Sellution account. The amount of pipeline you can creates is determined by your subscription.

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Getting Started

From the Launchpad click on on the CRM Module.

You will be taken to the Welcome page for the CRM Module.

From the left menu click Deals.

Now choose my deals to view a list of deals.

Click on the Kanban button to switch to the Kanban Mode.

Click Sales Pipeline Drop Down Menu and then click on the Add Pipeline Button in the drop down menu.

A pop-up menu will appear prompting you for a pipeline name and description(optional).

Click Save.

Your new pipeline will be added to the drop down menu. You will have to add new stages to your pipeline in order to use it effectively.

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