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Welcome to everything you need to start delivering amazing customer service! 

To get started serving your customers using Sellution, we've put together this article to walk you through the basics of getting up and running.

Your support team will be spending the majority of their time in Sellution's Help Desk area. From here they can keep track of the support queue, reply to and resolve tickets, and much more.

In this article:

  • Navigating To The Help Desk
  • Help Desk Summary Page
  • Help Desk Menu


From the Launchpad click on on the Help Desk Module.

You will now enter into the Help Desk Module of Sellution. 

The first thing you will see is a summary page for the current day.

Help Desk Summary Page

The summary page is meant to give you a quick snapshot of your help desk issues.

It composed of the following sections


A friendly welcome message will appear and  highlight the current date and time.

Ticket Summary Stats

The following stats are available for you to click on and view the tickets in each group.

  • Unresolved Tickets
  • Overdue
  • Due Today
  • Open
  • On Hold
  • Unassigned

Today’s Voicemail

All voicemails for each agent for the current day will show up in the Today's Voicemail.

To listen to a voicemail click the play button. If there is a voicemail for a person that is not in the contact database their name will be listed as Unknown.

Today’s Tickets

The last 10 newly created tickets for the given day will show in the list view.

Simply click View All to view the rest of today’s tickets.

Help Desk Menu

The left menu items for the help desk consist of the following:


The dashboard is where you can view all your stats for your help center.


When you click  on the tickets menu item it will open up submenu items for different ways that you can filter your list of tickets. 

  • My Tickets
  • Open Tickets
  • Unassigned Tickets
  • High Priority Tickets

When you click on a ticket in the list you will be taken to the ticket detail page. 


The Contacts menu item opens up a submenu item list of:

  • Customer Accounts
  • Customer Contacts

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base portal serves as a self service help center for your customers to find answers to their questions instantly.


This menu opens of up a submenu of settings that are specifically for the help center.  

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