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Sellution allows you to manage multiple locations for your stores, headquarters, warehouse, and more. Locations are also assigned to employee positions enabling you to track sales by location, positions by location, employee count by location, and more...

In this article

  • Getting Started
  • Add a Location
  • Add Location Address
  • Add Location Phone Numbers
  • Add Business Hours
  • Delete a Location

Getting Started

You will now enter into the Organization Module of Sellution.

The first thing you will see is a summary page for your organization.

Organization Summary

Click on the Settings menu item. You will be now see the organization submenu items.

Locations List

From the left menu click the locations menu item.

Add Location

From the locations list page.

Click Add Location.

You will now see a new location screen. 

Location Details

Location Name

Enter Location Name.


Write a short description for the location.

Color Code

If you would like to apply a color to the location choose one by clicking Color Code Box

Select a Location Color Code.

Location Type

From the drop down menu choose from the default location types or click Add to create your own. 

Location Timezone

Specify the timezone for the given location. 


If the location is your primary location check the Primary Box


If the location is a retail store that has POS check the box.

Location Address

Each location in Sellution can have an address.

You can manually enter your address or use the Google search field to find your address.

Using Google Search:

  • Start entering your address to see the results appear in the drop down menu.
  • Select your address from the drop down menu and the address fields will update instantly.

Add Location Phone Numbers

Each location in Sellution can have one or more phone numbers. You can manually enter your address or use the Google search field to find your address.

Business Hours

After saving the location the business hours tab will be enabled. This is where you can set the hours for each location. 

Delete Location

You can delete a location from the list of locations or location detail page.


If there are system dependencies on the location you not be able to delete the location. This may happen if you have employee positions or departments assigned to the location.

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