File Manager Overview

Sellution’s file manager allows you to build a library of sales content and documents for your entire organization.

In this article:

  • Getting Started
  • Adding Documents
  • Create & Arrange Folders
  • Deleting Documents
  • Renaming Documents
  • Previewing Documents

Getting Started

To navigate to the file manager from the click the Tools & Apps drop down menu and click on the File Manager icon.

You will be taken to the file manager page

Adding Documents

On the file manager page where you have 2 options to add files.

  • Click the Upload Button
  • Drag & Drop from the desktop to Sellution

Upload Button

If you have no files or folders you will see  a splash page to add your first file.There are two upload buttons in this case. 
  1. The splash page
  2. The main menu upload button

Drag & Drop

You can drag and drop file(s) from the desktop. You may upload multiple files at once by selecting more than one file from your desktop.

When  uploading a file a pop up will show on the bottom of the page to indicate the progress of your upload. This pop up can be minimized or closed by clicking on the close icon. 

Create & Manage Folders

To organize your documents you can create folders by Right Clicking on the open area of the file manager and choose New Folder from the menu options.

You can nest folders simply by dragging a folder to another folder. Sellution supports dragging one folder at a time.

Deleting Documents

To delete file right click your cursor over the file and click Move To Trash.

Your file will be moved to the trash bin.

Renaming Documents

To rename a file or folder simply right click and choose Rename.

A pop up will emerge with a name field for you to change the name.

Click Save and the pop up will update the file or folder name.

Previewing Documents

To preview a file right click on the file and choose Preview.

A preview window will appear where you can view your file in more detail.

Supported Preview Formats:

Sellution currently supports previewing:

  • .png
  • .jpg

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