Gmail Integration

You have two options to connect your email. You can either connect a Gmail Account which will require you to connect to google and authorize Sellution’s App or you can connect to any other mail server using your user name, password, mail server, and/or port number.

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Video Walkthrough

Gmail Integration

Navigate to your Settings menu by clicking on the user icon on the top menu. You will be taken to the Company Settings Page.

On the left menu click Email Integration.

This will take you to the Email Integration Settings. If your account is not already connected you will see a button to set up your email.

Click on the Set Up Button.  

You will be taken to the Email set up page.

Select Gmail.

You will be taken to Google’s Account Authorization screen. Click on the account you want to authorize and click allow.

You’re all set. The sync process will initiate and the last 5000 emails in your gmail inbox will appear in Sellution. 

Please note: Syncing with Gmail may take some time. You will receive an email notification when the sync in complete.


If you would like to disconnect your gmail account simply navigate to the email integration page again and click the Disconnect Button and your emails will be disconnected and removed from Sellution.

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