Email Overview
Once you connect your email to Sellution, we'll scan your inbox (at your email provider) to pull in any sent or received emails that matches with the email address of Lead, Customer Contact, Vendor Contact, or General Contact.

All future emails from these contact (through your email client or through Sellution) will be stored under the corresponding contact record.


Sellution doesn’t permit multiple contacts to have the same email address.

In this article:
  • Your Inbox
  • Tracking & UnTracked Email
  • Viewing Email
  • Sending Email

Your Inbox

Click on the grid icon on the main bar and choose email. 

This will bring up a global Inbox. 

Your emails stored in either of the following tabs:

  • The Inbox
  • Untracked Email
  • Sent
  • Archived 

Untracked Email

If you receive an email from someone who is not one of your existing contact or has an email address that is different from what is saved in their profile, their email will be found in the Untracked Emails tab. 

To convert an Untracked Email click the Convert To drop down menu.

You will need to select what type of contact you want create from the drop down menu:

  • General Contact
  • Lead
  • Customer Contact
  • Vendor Contact

After you choose the type of contact to create a pop up will slide out from the right side of the application for you to add additional details about this new contact record.

Add your details and click Save

Once the new contact is created, all of their current and future emails will be associated with that contact record and will appear in the Inbox and no longer in Untracked.

Viewing Email

There are a two ways to view your email. 


The first way is from the inbox. If you click on the Subject text for the email you will be taken to a viewing page.

There are several options on this page. 

You can reply, or click on the options (the three dots) to delete the email, click on the reply icon to reply to the email, or click on the full screen icon.

There are several options on this page. You can reply, or click on the options (the three dots) to delete the email.

Contact Activity Tab

The second way is to click on the sender’s email address on the inbox tab.

This will take you to the contact’s profile page where you can view their email on the activity tab.

Sending Email

There are a few ways to send email from Sellution.

The Preview Page

You can send from the email preview page described above or you can navigate to a contact’s record and go into the activity tab to create and send a new email.

The Contact's Activity Tab

On the profile page of the contact click on the Activity tab to see a complete activity timeline of all email correspondences with your contact.You can send an email from this page. 

On the bottom of the email component are various ways you can format your text.

When you send an email it will automatically appear in the timeline below. The timeline is sorted with the new emails showing at the top.

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