Sellution Email Integration FAQs

In this article you will find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding connecting your email inbox to Sellution. 

Can I send a bulk email?

Yes, Sellution features broadcast email and campaign functionality that allow you to send bulk emails. This  functionality is performed in the marketing module of the platform and requires SMTP integration.

You can easily connect to a email service provider like:
  • SendGrid
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • etc.

What information is stored?

When your email inbox is synced all future emails sent and received are logged as being tracked or untracked in the database.  

Tracked Email

When an email address is associated contact record it will be stored as a tracked. 

Untracked Email

When an email is received from a sender and their email address is not associated with an existing contact it will be logged as untracked.  

Both tracked and untracked emails store in the following:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Subject line
  • Body text 
  • Attachments

This information is stored so that the email can be displayed as part of their contact record.

What happens if there are multiple contacts with the same email address?

Sellution does not allow for multiple contacts with the same email address. Each contact's email address is used as a unique identifier. This identifier is used to prevent duplicate contact records from being entered into the database.

  • If you add a duplicate email you will get a validation error on save.
  • If you import contacts with the same email address you will get a conflict notification.

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