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Subscription Introduction

Managing your subscription in Sellution is all done in the subsciption management module.

Here you can manage your licenses, add-ons, payments, and much more.

In this article:

  • Getting Started
  • Subscription Welcome Page

Getting Started

From the launchpad click on the Subscription Management module. You will be taken to the subscription welcome page where you can manage your entire account.

Please note: this module is only available to admin and the owner of the account. If you do not have this role you will not see the subscription module on the launchpad.

Subscription Welcome Page

After you click on the subscription module from the Launchpad you will be taken to the Subscription Welcome page. 

Here we have created an overview of your subscription with quick insights and links to every facet of your subscription.

Subscription Summary

The subscription summary provides you with the follow insights.


How many users are currently being used.

Contact Limit

What is your contact limit. Each subscription comes with contact limits (the amount of contacts you can record in the database for your entire organization). 

Available Contacts

How many contact records are available to be recorded in your account. This represents the unused contact quota for your subscription.

Phone Numbers

How many active phone numbers are available to your account.

Voice Credit Remaining

This tells you how much credit you have available for making phone calls in Sellution.

Last Billing Amount

This represents the amount of the last transaction charged to your account. For example, if your card was processed for an add-on features. The last transaction will be for that amount and not the total amount charged to your account each month. 

Subscription Quick Links

The subscription quick links section provides quick access to the most commonly used features in the subscription module.

Buy Phone Numbers

Click this link to purchase new phone numbers.

Purchase Voice Credits

Purchase addition credit to make phone calls. 

Buy Storage

Here you can purchase additional storage for your account. Each plan comes with an allocated amount of storage. If you plan on exceeding that limit or already have you will be prompted to purchase additional storage. 

Buy Additional Licenses

This is where you can purchase additional licenses so you can invite more users to your account.

Management Payment Methods

This is where you can manage your credit cards that are on file. You may add a back up card so if one fails the other one will kick in. This can help ensure that their are no interruptions to your subscription.

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