How To Attach Documents To A Contact

With Sellution you attach documents to any contact type and account. This keeps your all relevant contact material organized for anyone in your organization to access.

In this article:

  • Getting Started
  • Attach A Document
  • Rename Document
  • Delete A Document
  • Storage and file size limits
  • Storage Management

Getting Started

From the launchpad click on the CRM module.

You will be taken to the CRM welcome page. From the left menu click on Contact Types a new menu will appear Customer Contacts.

Click on the Customer Contacts menu item. You will now be taken to the Customer Contact list page. From here click the edit button to view the customer contact profile page. 

Attach A Document

From the contact profile page click on the Related To tab. The related to tab is a holistic view of all records related to a contact.

Scroll to the Related Files section.

Click the Add button and a pop up will emerge.

Click the Upload button and a file-picker window to select your file will emerge. Click Open to upload your file.

Now Click Save to add the document to your contacts record.

Your file will now appear in the list of attached documents in the related files section.

Rename A Document

To rename a document associated with a contact, go to the related files section.

Click the Edit button. 

A pop up will emerge where you can edit the the name of the file and even provide a short description for the file.

Deleting A Document

To delete documents associated with a contact, go to the related files section.

Click the Delete button to delete the file.

Storage & File Size Limits

There are no limits to the size of the files you can upload to Sellution, however your subscription has storage limits that can not be exceeded unless you purchase more storage.

Storage Management

Sellution’s subscription management module allows you to see the data usage per/user and the amount of data available. You also have the ability to purchase additional storage.

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