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Marketing Automation Software

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A Smarter Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing Automation is the Smart way to find and target new customers… assessing their location, interests and needs.

Automated Workflows

Use marketing automation to convert more leads.

Reduce Marketing Cost

Streamline your marketing efforts. Do more in less time.

Qualify Leads

Set criteria to categorize, nurture, and qualify leads as sales ready.

Automate Your Campaigns

Create an unlimited amount of automated steps, actions, and delays.

The Future of Marketing Lies in Automation

Traditional marketing has had its day. It’s just not possible to keep track of the whims and wishes of so many people...

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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation allows you to automate the process of finding new customers, speaking to their interests, and keeping them engaged with your product or service.

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How Marketing Automation Works

With Sellution, it is possible to build profiles of each or your individual customers and automate marketing campaigns tailored to their demographic and behavioral data.

Marketing Automation

"Did you know on average, only 20% of leads are sales-ready on arrival? A clever marketing automation plan can soon earn you as much as a 50% increase in conversions"

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Smart Tools for Marketing Automation

Sellution's Marketing Automation Software provides a full arsenal of powerful tools to fuel your targeted marketing campaigns.

Bullet Check Icon Campaign Management

Create, track, and analyze your marketing campaigns and conversion rates.

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Bullet Check Icon Lead Management

Ensure that your sales team is always following up on the highest priority leads first!

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Bullet Check Icon Email Marketing

Reach your prospects with personalized, targeted emails.

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Bullet Check Icon Landing Page Builder

Build high converting landing pages with no technical knowledge using our Landing Page Editor.

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Bullet Check Icon Lead Routing

Create dynamic routing rules to send sales ready leads to marketing.

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Bullet Check Icon Social Media Marketing

Use social media tools for managing your Social Media Marketing.

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