Campaign Management Software

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Campaign Report

Launch Campaigns Across All Marketing Channels.

Sellution delivers closed loop marketing allowing your sales and marketing teams to work together to close more leads.

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Marketing Campaigns

Launch campaigns to support sales, promotions, events, and more...

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Target Marketing

Efficiently target customers by behavior and demographics..

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Campaign Analytics

Easily track results across all your sales and marketing channels.

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All-In-One Platform

Eliminate the hassles of coordinating your marketing campaign.

An Integrated Campaign Manager

What use is a full-blown marketing campaign, if you’re not measuring the results of your hard labor?

Campaign Profile

Define and Set Goals

Create and manage your marketing campaigns and measure the entire process.

Campaign Members Rules

Target Marketing



“Discover the power of Sellution and free your employees to work more strategically, creatively, and collaboratively to achieve your marketing goals.”

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Campaign Dashboard

Campaign Management Dashboard

Monitor all your marketing campaigns in a centralized dashboard.

Track & Analyze

With Sellution, you will have the power and flexibility to execute better campaigns and generate more revenue with less manual effort.

Smart Tools for Campaign Management

Your automated Campaign Manager will provide you with powerful tools for analyzing stats for meaningful trends and insights.

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See how your overall campaign goals are being achieved with real-time analytics.

Bullet Check Icon Real-time Analytics

Discover what campaigns are working and take action to modify them on the fly if necessary.

Bullet Check Icon Dynamic Workflows

Build dynamic workflows by adding branches, conditions, wait times and more to initiate campaigns.