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Put Your Email Marketing on Auto-Pilot

With Sellution email marketing software you'll be able to get the right message to the right people at the right time!

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Design Beautiful Emails

Drag and drop images and text blocks right into your email.

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Email Templates

Choose from customizable email templates.

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Schedule Email Campaigns

Schedule emails based on a demographic and behavioral data.

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Email Analytics

Track your success with real-time reporting.

Email Marketing Campaign

Targeted Email Marketing

When you send out a blanket email message to your entire contact list, you fail to engage with those leads, prospects and customers on a personal level…but it doesn’t need to be that way.


With our powerful segmentation tools, you can organize your contacts into specific identities you define, and then tailor correspondence to each identity.

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Workflow Manager

With Sellution’s Workflow Manager you can set up automations to adjust contact data, move contacts, send emails, and more....


Sellution keeps track of a customer's interests, behaviors, and demographics, then allows you to leverage that information by creating triggers and workflows to email the right content at the right time for the best possible result.

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“Top business studies have shown that intelligent email campaigns gain as much as a 10x increase in their response rate from leads.”

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Email Autoresponders

With Sellution, you can set up autoresponders (automated emails) that will be triggered by behavioral or demographic data.

Automated Workflows

Set up emails for when a customer requests more information about a product, send follow up emails and special offers after a customer makes a purchase, and so much more, the possibilities are unlimited.

Smart Tools for Email Marketing

Our Email Marketing Software comes packed with clever widgets and features, to ensure that your emails have the desired effect on your leads and customers.

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Create email marketing campaigns with absolutely no coding experience required.

Bullet Check Icon Email Campaigns

Get the right messages out at the right time, thanks to intelligent email marketing.

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You’ll be able to set field tokens in your design which allow for full personalization of the message.

Bullet Check Icon Email Autoresponders

Set up triggers that automatically send pre-built emails to your smart list.

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Use email templates to gain a head start when it comes to planning your next email campaign.

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Run powerful diagnostics on the information gathered through email marketing.