Lead Management Software

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Revolutionize Your Sales Process

Nurture your leads with expertly timed communications, each one tailored to the lead’s own unique needs and desires.

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Lead Profile

Manage all interactions with each lead with lead profiles.

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Lead Nurturing

Create automated lead nurturing campaigns.

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Lead Scoring

Set criteria to categorize and qualify leads as sales ready.

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Lead Conversion

Convert leads that are sales ready into customers.

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Your Sales Funnel

With Sellution's lead management software you’ll be able keep track of all the possible ways leads enter your sales funnel and record all your interactions with them.

Lead Nurturing

Sellution allows you to set up nurturing campaigns to keep leads that are not sales ready engaged in your company, products, and services until they are ready to buy.

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“Discover the power of Sellution and free your employees to work more strategically, creatively, and collaboratively to achieve your marketing goals.”

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Lead Score Card

Lead Scoring

With Sellution, sales and marketing departments can use a points system to assign values based on demographic and behavioral data.

Unlimited Scoring Attributes

Score a lead based on their industry and job title, web activity, content downloads, event attendance, form completions, etc...

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Smart Tools for Lead Management

Automate the process of delivering qualified leads to sales.

Bullet Check Icon Contact Management

Sellution delivers a comprehensive contact profile for each of your leads & Contacts.

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Bullet Check Icon Lead Capture Forms

Create custom forms for your landing pages or Ecommerce store.

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Bullet Check Icon Lead Scoring

Create scoring rules to measure sales readiness.

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Bullet Check Icon Lead Segmentation

Slice and dice your leads however you see fit with our criteria search engine.

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Bullet Check Icon Lead Routing

Intelligently distribute leads based on round robin, shark tank, blind pull and more...

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Bullet Check Icon Analytics

Drill into your business data with our criteria search engine.

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