Lead Routing Software

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Get The Right Leads To The Right People!

Building rapport with your leads can make the difference between closing a deal or not.

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Create Routing Rules

Use a variety of distribution rules and workflows.

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Route Your Phone Calls

Route incoming phone calls to the right person.

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Criteria Distribution

Distribute leads based on quotas, skills, and more...

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Align Sales & Marketing

Align sales and marketing with routing rules.


Workflow Manager

Sellution's workflow manager allows you to model how your customers and leads move through your business.

Persona Mapping

Using our advanced Lead Routing Software, you’ll be able to direct incoming calls, leads and opportunities towards the staff most likely to be able to help – and to those reps who stand the highest chance of closing a deal.


"Our lead routing software allows you to refine your database and determine which leads are the most likely to convert to customers."

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Lead Scoring

Sellution's lead routing software and criteria search engine provide you with everything you need to create rules based on your current relationship with a contact.


Set up triggers to activate marketing automation.

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Smart Tools for Lead Routing

By using the tools below, you’ll be able to assess sales opportunities, work smarter, and close more deals.

Bullet Check Icon Contact Management

Sellution delivers a comprehensive contact profile for each of your leads and contacts.

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Bullet Check Icon Lead Segmentation

Slice and dice your leads however you see fit with our criteria search engine.

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Bullet Check Icon Voice

Click to dial, call routing, and voice analytics will redefine your voice communications.

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