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Are Your Leads Sales Ready?

Score leads based on the interest they demonstrate and the attributes that make them a good or poor match for your business.

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Lead Scoring

With lead scoring you can identify when your leads are sales ready.

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Create Custom Rules

Create your own custom lead scoring rules and grading scale.

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Nurture Leads

Determine if leads need lead nurturing.

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Optimize The Sales Cycle

Maximize your conversion rates, with Lead Scoring.

Score Model

Multi-Dimensional Scoring

Sellution gives you the power of multi-dimensional lead scoring. You’ll be able to automatically qualify your potential leads, scoring each prospect according to their engagement with your company, demographic profile, and timing.

Implicit Scoring Model

Implied scores are derived from monitoring the prospect or customer behavior.

Explicit Scoring Model

Explicit Scores are based on demographic information provided by or about the prospect or customer.


"When your landing pages, email campaigns, and advertising are working together, the mystery of finding and attracting new clients disappears."

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Define Sales Readiness

With Sellution, your demographic and behavioral lead scores are added together in your scoring model to make your total lead score.


The explicit information about a prospect’s role, company, industry, and revenues helps determine whether they’re the ideal decision maker.


The implicit information about a prospect’s activities – how many times the user visits your company's webpage, how many emails they opened, etc.

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Smart Tools for Lead Scoring

Focus your energy and efforts on the prospects that are the most valuable to your company and the most likely to convert.

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Sellution delivers a comprehensive contact profile for each of your leads and contacts.

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Use our interactive form builder to create custom forms for your landing pages or Ecommerce store.

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Drill into your business data with our criteria search engine.

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