Marketing Segmentation

Segment Your Customers To Grow Revenue

Sellution helps you identify your best customers so you can find more of them to grow your business.


Contact Profiling and Market Segmentation

Where do your leads come from? What do they buy, and how often? Sellution helps you to answer important questions about your business with our powerful segmentation tools.

Criteria Search Engine

Smart Lists

Smart List are 'saved searches' of your contacts that update dynamically based on your search criteria.

Email Marketing Segmentation

With Sellution's marketing segmentation tools, every aspect of your leads’ profile can be used in generating an intelligent email marketing campaign that can increase your conversion rates.

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Criteria Search Engine
  • Bullet Check Icon Dynamic List Management
  • Bullet Check Icon Saved Searches
  • Bullet Check Icon Persona Integration
Segmentation Strategies

“It’s only by having access to Sellution's Unified Commerce Platform, that you'll be able to generate such a full and thorough profile of your potential customers.”

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Segmenting Your Contacts

By combining demographic and behavioral data you’ll be able to profile and target your leads with precision.

Demographic Segmentation

Use a prospect’s contact profile to create segments based on job title, age, geographic location, and much more...

Behavioral Segmentation

Segment based on website visits, email opens and clicks and much more.

Segmentation Profiles

Customer Segmentation Software

The following segmentation tools will help you get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Bullet Check Icon Criteria Search

Slice and dice your leads however you see fit with our criteria search engine.

Bullet Check Icon Pop Up Maker

Build a subscriber lists much faster and easier than ever before.

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Bullet Check Icon Sales Dashboard

Drill into your business data, determine which leads are sales ready, who needs to be nurtured and more...

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