Project Management Software

Give Your Team Super Powers!

Sellution is the ultimate project management software to help your sales team to collaborate, have fun, and make smarter decisions.

Sales Pipeline

Increase Employee Performance & Profitability

Sellution's online project management software and task manager gives your teams everything they need to collaborate, share, and make smart decisions!

Sales Pipeline Management

Increase Productivity

Do you have any idea how many phone calls, emails and meetings your sales team is making everyday? With Sellution you're going to know this and much more...

CRM & Project Management Software

Our combined CRM & Project Management software is loaded with the very best tools for increasing your employee productivity so you can grow your business fasters.

Just a few of the many benefits:

  • Bullet Check Icon Increase Employee Productivity
  • Bullet Check Icon Eliminate painful integrations & multiple logins
  • Bullet Check Icon Forecast Sales With Increased Accuracy
  • Bullet Check Icon Gain Control Over Your Inventory
  • Bullet Check Icon Reduce & Control Operational Costs
To Do List
Task Management

To Do List

Sellution’s task manager gives you the power to create and manage individual or team tasks so you can stay focused on your business’s goals!

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Task Board
Task Management

Interactive Task Board



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File Manager
Google Integrations

Google Sync

With our Google Sync you can easily Share files, insights, and much more...


  • Bullet Check Icon Google Calendar Sync
  • Bullet Check Icon Gmail Integration
  • Bullet Check Icon Google Drive Sync
  • Bullet Check Icon Google Contact Sync
Online Calendar
File Manager
File Management

Manage Your Files

Your project management system offers more than just a place for conversation – it also provides a platform for storing and sharing files.

File Management for Sales Teams

Effortlessly upload, send, and share files with anyone in your database.

Google Drive Sync

If your company is already using Google Drive, you can easily mount your google drive folder to Sellution's file manager.

Productivity Report

Monitor Your Employee Productivity

Leverage Sellution's power dialer and virtual phone system to increase your engagement.

Email Report
Project Management

"Sellution's project management software seamlessly blends collaboration, efficiency and accountability across your entire organization."

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
Sellution Logo
Team List

Create Teams

Organize your sales staff into teams for collaboration, file sharing, and chat communication.

Team Management

Manage Teams

Easily add members with a click of a button. Each person on the team will instantly be able to communicate and start collaborating.

Sellution iPhone

Mobile CRM

If you're working on a project you're going to need to be able to access your task, files and calendar wherever you go. Sellution has you covered every step of the way

Daily Reports

Sellution keeps your team up to date with daily, weekly, or monthly reports emailed automatically to their inbox.

Mobile CRM Benefits:

  • Bullet Check Icon Access Customer Data Anytime & Anywhere
  • Bullet Check Icon Mobile File Management
  • Bullet Check Icon Calendar
  • Bullet Check Icon Push Notifications
  • Bullet Check Icon and much more...
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Project Management Tools Made Easy

Collaborating with your colleagues has never been so easy. Share files, insights, and much more...

Bullet Check Icon News Feed

Utilize your very own news feed for employees to share insights and collaborate.

Bullet Check Icon Team Management

Create workgroups and teams and assign tasks, leads, support cases and more.

Bullet Check Icon File Managment

Manage and attach documents, discussions, notes, contacts and more to your projects.

Bullet Check Icon Notifications & Alerts

Easily notified employees by email or SMS messages if their attention is required.

Bullet Check Icon Integration

Say goodbye to painful integrations and multiple costly web apps.

Bullet Check Icon Smart Reporting

Create productivity reports to view a detailed activity history of each employee's productivity.