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Here’s Why Sellution is the Best CRM Software

Do you know your customer's location, age, gender, ethnicity, shopping habits and buying patterns, interactions with your website?... With Sellution's CRM Software you'll gain this knowledge and much more to help you close more deals and grow your business...

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Sellution CRM Benefits

By putting Sellution's CRM Software in control of your customer relationships, you can build a reliable database of contacts and track their interactions with your company.

Sellution goes beyond just collecting and tracking data, it allows your entire organization to collaborate by accessing a single record for each of your customers.

With Sellution You're going to be able to:

  • Bullet Check Icon Eliminate Costly Apps
  • Bullet Check Icon Save Valuable Time
  • Bullet Check Icon Increase Employee Moral
  • Bullet Check Icon Identify Your Best Customers
  • Bullet Check Icon Close More Deals
  • Bullet Check Icon and much more...
Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline Software

Track Your Sales Pipeline

Sellution's interactive sales pipeline aids sales representatives in understanding where each deal is in the sales cycle.

Easily customize the pipeline with stages to match your sales process and monitor your the performance of each sales representative and their quotas.

Monitor Sales Metrics For Your Pipeline

  • Bullet Check Icon # Of Deals In The pipeline
  • Bullet Check Icon Average Size Of The Deals
  • Bullet Check Icon Average % Of Deals Won
  • Bullet Check Icon Sales Velocity
Start selling more
Virtual Phone System

Power Dialer For Inside Sales

Sellution’s power dialer is fully built-into the browser, no special equipment is required... Start talking to more prospects with our power dialer today.

Activity Timeline
Activity Timeline

Track Interactions With Customers

Sellution’s CRM software allows you to track all emails, recorded calls and activity on the account and contact profile’s activity timeline.

With all this information at your fingertips you’re never going to miss a beat when communicating with those all important leads and customer contacts.

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Phone Dialer Recording
  • Bullet Check Icon Customer & Lead Status Updates
  • Bullet Check Icon Email Marketing History
  • Bullet Check Icon Last Contact Date
Manage Your Contacts
CRM Org Chart

Org Charts For Your Accounts

Keep your team up-to-date with the organizational structure within your accounts so they can strategize on how to close more deals.

Easily update, reassign or removing contacts from the Organization Chart on the fly.

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Click To Dial & Email from Chart
  • Bullet Check Icon Research Key Stakeholders
  • Bullet Check Icon Interactive Zoom
  • Bullet Check Icon Share With Team
Org Chart
Twitter Feed
Social Media

Social Media Management

Sellution’s twitter integratiion allows you to harness the power of social media to build customer relationships right inside each contacts profile.

Get all your employees involved in social media activity: Tweet, retweet, add and post comments from Sellution.

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Schedule Twitter Post
  • Bullet Check Icon Tweet & Retweet
  • Bullet Check Icon Bulk Twitter Importer
  • Bullet Check Icon Monitor Customer Feed
Customer Relationship Manager

"CRM all about bringing the relationship back into your business, even when you have thousands and thousands of customers to talk to."

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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CRM Mobile
Mobile CRM

Mobilize Your Sales Team

We know that as a busy sales professional you need to be able to access your business anytime and anywhere!

With Sellution's CRM Mobile App you can manage your deals, contacts, and tasks while you're on the road.

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Manage Your Calendar
  • Bullet Check Icon Add & Close Deals
  • Bullet Check Icon Make & Receive Phone Calls
  • Bullet Check Icon Contact Management
Mobile CRM App

Smart Tools for CRM

Sellution is the ultimate fully integrated CRM software solution. It's a 360-degree view of your entire business.

Bullet Check Icon Contact Management

Enjoy a comprehensive contact profile for every contact in your database.

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Bullet Check Icon Security

Create role permissions and password policies for various job functions and assign them to users.

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Bullet Check Icon Business Dashboards

Access real-time reporting and visualization about your leads, opportunities, accounts, and much more...

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Bullet Check Icon Mobile CRM

Access your CRM data anytime, anywhere from your mobile device(s).

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Bullet Check Icon Virtual Phone System

Our fully integrated click to dial, call routing, and voice analytics will redefine your voice communications.

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Bullet Check Icon Smart Reporting

Drill into your business data with our criteria search engine.

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