Online Calendar

The Events Calendar for Business

Sellution's online calendar features Google Calendar Sync and Outlook Calendar Sync functionality so you can see all your tasks and events in one place.

Online Calendar App

More Than Just A Daily Schedule Planner!

Sellution’s Daily Schedule Planner will help you to never miss a meeting, a call, an event or another opportunity for success!

Sellution Online Calendar

Online Calendar

Planning events has never been this easy! Sellution provides tools that will help co-ordinate all aspects of the way your business runs… and to do that, we’ve made sure that our Daily Planner software does far more than its simple name might suggest.

Sellution’s intelligent online calendar app takes the role of a personal assistant, bringing together feedback from each one of your Sellution modules in order to create a detailed and comprehensive daily plan.

Online Calendar App Benefits:

  • Bullet Check Icon Save Time
  • Bullet Check Icon Prioritize your work
  • Bullet Check Icon Improve collaboration
New Event
Event Management

Schedule & Manage Events

With Sellution's Simple, Reliable, and Flexible Daily Planner Software you'll have the power to create and manage your own events.

Save everything from basic details such as event location, the start and end time, easily add event participants, and much more...

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Event Locations
  • Bullet Check Icon Event Reminders & Notifications
  • Bullet Check Icon Event Participants
  • Bullet Check Icon Event Resources
Task Management App

Online Task Manager

Sellution is much more than a to do list app! With it's unified architecture sellution allows you to create and manage organization wide task for individuals and teams.

You can even drag and drop tasks from one status to another via the task kanban board.

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Sub-Task Management
  • Bullet Check Icon Custom Statuses
  • Bullet Check Icon Reminders & Notifications
  • Bullet Check Icon Task Board
Task Kanban Board
Google Sync
Calendar Sync

Google Calendar Sync

Sellution and it's meeting scheduler software are fully integrated with Google Suite so that you can use google calendar sync to read all your events and meetings into Sellution.

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon 2 Way Google Calendar Sync
  • Bullet Check Icon Google Notifications
  • Bullet Check Icon Google Confirmation Email
  • Bullet Check Icon Sellution CRM Integration
Calendar Sync

Outlook Calendar Sync

Sellution allows you to keep track of all your events by syncing Office 365 Outlook Calendar to Sellution’s CRM Calendar. All your new events in the Outlook Calendar will appear in Sellution.

You can also view all your CRM events from Sellution within Office 365.

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon 2 Way Outlook Calendar Sync
  • Bullet Check Icon Outlook Calendar Notifications
  • Bullet Check Icon Outlook Confirmation Email
  • Bullet Check Icon Sellution CRM Integration
Outlook Calendar Sync

"Effective time management is the secret to success – it forms the very backbone of a coherent, organized company… the cornerstone of productivity."

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Smart Tools for Time Management

With Sellution's sales force automation software you'll be able to define daily routines and run a more efficient organization.

Bullet Check Icon Employee Scheduling

Easily schedule, tracks employee hours, manage employee availability, and more...

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Track sales pipeline and close dates, to ensure you never miss a sales opportunity again.

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Access your CRM data from your mobile device. Add tasks, view contact details, log calls, and more..

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