Sales Pipeline

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Track your sales pipeline stages from deals won, lost, and in progress. Start closing more deals today!

Sales Pipeline

Manage Your Sales Pipeline & Maximize Conversion Rates!

Track the sales cycle for each deal in your sales pipeline from being a prospect to closing with sales won or lost.

Sales Pipeline Management

What Is A Sales Pipeline?

In today's digital world it's more important than ever to put in place the sales processes that your company needs in order to grow.

A sales pipeline helps you organize and manage every stage in your sales process. It allows you to easily identify where each of your leads are in the buyer journey.

Interactive Sales Pipeline

With Sellution, we take the sales pipeline management to a whole new level! We offer a fully interactive sales pipeline and advanced reporting functionality so you never let a deal get away.

Deal Activity Timeline
Sales Pipeline Management

See All Your Deal Data In One Place

Sellution features an activity timeline that shows you in chronological order how each stage of the deal has materialized. It also gives you a snapshot of all status changes, emails and phone calls that are related to the deal.

Deal Profile

The deal profile page is where you see all the data related to the deal, like the stake holders and their role in the buying process

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Track Phone Calls
  • Bullet Check Icon Track Email
  • Bullet Check Icon Track Deal Status Changes
  • Bullet Check Icon Track Deal Value
Sales Pipeline Reporting

Track Your Sales Funnel

With Sellution you can track the conversion rates from one stage to another in the sales pipeline.

Sales Funnel Report

Managers are going to be able to monitor their sales teams performance by using Sellution's Sales Pipeline Reports. Each report is an opportunity to identify leaks in the sales funnel so managers can quickly make adjustments in the sales process.

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Dashboard Deal Widgets
  • Bullet Check Icon Sales Pipeline Reports
Sales Funnel
Add Sales Pipeline Stage
Sales Pipeline

Deal Stages

Each sales pipeline in Sellution has stages that represent the steps a deal or opportunity goes through before it becomes a won or closed deal.

Custom Stages

Easily create new stages for your sales pipeline and give each stage a weighting.

Sales Pipeline

Multiple Sales Pipelines

With Sellution, your company can create multiple sales pipelines to ensure your leads, prospects, and customers are always being nurtured. By having multiple sales pipeline you can have different customer management processes in place for the lifetime of your customers.

Sales Pipeline examples include post sales pipeline, a customer service pipeline, ecommerce sales pipeline and more...

Ideas for Pipelines

  • Bullet Check Icon Post Sales Pipeline
  • Bullet Check Icon XXX
  • Bullet Check Icon XXX
  • Bullet Check Icon XXX
Multiple Sales Pipelines

Sales Pipeline Metrics

Our Interactive Business Dashboards features sales pipeline widgets that you can use to monitor all aspects of your pipeline.

Dashboard Layout

"Never miss another conversion with Sellution's easy-to-use interactive sales pipeline."

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Sales Pipeline Metrics!

Sellution helps you gain valuable insight into the performance of your sales pipeline by monitoring key pipeline metric.


50 # of Deals in Pipeline

*Identify sales ready leads

Deal Size

$25,000 Avg Deal Value

*Prioritize and focus on the deals that matter most

Close Ratio

50% More Productive

*Understand your buyers' buying process

Sales Velocity

65 Avg Days Spent in Pipeline

*Manage the sales process from lead to close

Smart Tools for Sales Pipeline Management

Sellution features a wealth of tools and widgets, allowing you to enjoy the full functionality of an automated sales team.

Bullet Check Icon Sales Pipeline

Our sales pipeline allows you to drag and drop deals from one stage to the next.

Bullet Check Icon Workflow Manager

Create custom pipelines with your very own unique stages and workflows.

Bullet Check Icon Online Calendar

Opportunities are seamlessly integrated into your online calendar so you never miss a deal.

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Bullet Check Icon CRM Integration

Empower your salespeople with access to actionable business intelligence.

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Bullet Check Icon Sales Dashboards

See your opportunities and deals come to life with our interactive business dashboards.

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Bullet Check Icon Notifications

Automated notifications keep your sales team in sync with the sales process.