Virtual Phone System

Make & Receive Calls with a virtual phone system and built-in power dialer.

Sellution's CRM features a Virtual Phone System and a power dialer that enables your sales reps to make more phone calls and close more deals.

Phone System Dashboard

The Best Virtual Phone System & Power Dialer CRM Software

Sellution’ CRM Sales Platform features a built-in virtual phone system and power dialer for inside sales teams to send and receive phone calls and text messages.

Virtual Phone System Dashboard

Business Phone System

With Sellution’s Virtual Phone System and Power Dialer you're going to be able to take your inside sales team to the next level by empowering them to make and receive more phone calls.

Getting started is easy as following these few 3 steps:

Select A Business Phone Number

Choose a local or toll-free business number for as little as $1 per/mo

Set Up Virtual Phone Receptionist

Welcome greeting. Voicemail. Set business hours. Add call menu options. Set which devices ring.

Make & Receive Phone Calls

Make and receive business calls in the browser or from your connected device.

Interactive Voice Response System

Introducing Your Virtual Phone System Receptionist

With Sellution phone calls are routed through our virtual phone system, allowing you to manage every aspect of your business telephone network.

Virtual Receptionist
Phone Number
310 Search 1
310 Search 2
310 Search 3
310 Search 4
Source One 1
Source One 2
Source One 3
Source One 4
Company Name
Power Dialer

Sales Dialer Search Engine

With Sellution calls are routed through the software, allowing you to manage every aspect of your telephone network.

Click To Dial

Easily search for contacts via our aggregated contact search engine. Simply click on the number to initiate a call through through a power dialer allowing your agents to work more efficiently by eliminating manual dialing.

Popular Features

  • Bullet Check Icon Built-In Search Engine
  • Bullet Check Icon Click To Dial
  • Bullet Check Icon CRM Integration
  • Bullet Check Icon Sales Rep Activity Report
Call Recording App

Automatic Call Recording

Sellution gives you the power to automatically record all your business phone calls so you can reference them at anytime.

Phone Call History

Keeping tabs on the customer conversation is critical to developing lasting relationships with customers and prospects. You can easily log and record your calls and save them to your customer's contact profile.

Popular Features

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Record Phone Calls
Phone System Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding App

Simple Call Forwarding

Sellution’s virtual phone system provides simple call forwarding functionality. With a click of a button users can turn on phone call forwarding so that they can receive their phone calls on any device.

Sequential Dialing

If you're not in the office, no problem. Set up sequential dialing rules and redirect incoming calls to your mobile phone, home, and you never miss a call.

Popular Features

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Call Logs

Call Log History

Sellution tracks all phone calls and makes them available for each user to view their call log history.

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Phone Tracker Report
Phone System Call Forwarding
Voicemail App

Voicemail Setup

With Sellution each user is going to be able to set up their own voicemail greeting in minutes.

Voicemail Greeting

Easily upload a pre-recorded voicemail message or use our text to speech software to for voicemail setup.

Popular Features

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Call Reporting

Sales Call Reporting & Analytics

Monitor and track the performance of your sales team's inbound and outbound call activity.

Phone Call Analytics

"Sellution's cloud-based phone system can transform your voice communications into improved customer loyalty, efficiency, and real-time business intelligence."

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Small Business Phone System

For $1 in Voice credit will give you approximately 50 minutes of talk time in the US for your sales dialer from Sellution!

Phone Numbers

$1 per/month

*Rates vary by country


$0.016 per/minute

*Rates vary by country


$0.013 per/minute

*Rates vary by country


$0.05 per/minute

*Rates vary by country

Cloud Based Virtual Phone System Features

It’s the voice application you need to deliver amazing customer service and to accelerate sales.

Bullet Check Icon Power Dialer

Provide your sales and customer service teams with intelligent inbound/outbound dialing.

Bullet Check Icon Phone Call Logs

Phone Calls are logged with a date and time stamp and stored in the contacts profile.

Bullet Check Icon Phone Call Recording

Phone Calls can be reviewed for quality assurance, training, collaboration, and much more...

Bullet Check Icon Phone Tracking

Track incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

Bullet Check Icon Phone Call Routing

Queue incoming calls before sending them through to the next available agent.

Bullet Check Icon Voice Analytics

Review your sales team’s call activity, measure call quotas and much more...

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