Daily Planner Software

Sellution helps businesses increase revenue with an All-In-One Platform that combines Ecommerce, CRM, Marketing Automation, & Customer Service.

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Daily Planner Calendar Mobile

More than your average Daily Planner Software

Never miss a meeting, a call, an event or another opportunity for success!

Manage Tasks

Create and manage individual or team tasks.

Manage Phone Calls

Schedule, track, initiate, and receive calls right in the browser.

Manage Events

Plan, track, and manage attendees for events.

Manage Schedules

Employee scheduling allows you to manage your workforce.

Event Profile

Event Management

With our daily planner software you'll have the power to create and manage your own events. Save everything from basic details such as event location, the start and end time, easily add event participants, and much more...

Event Attendees

Track your list of attendees

Easily send invites to event participants and track attendance. And remember – with Sellution, your events will always remain fully integrated with the rest of your business modules…


"Effective time management is the secret to success – it forms the very backbone of a coherent, organized company… the cornerstone of productivity."

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Sellution Voice Laptop

Cloud Phone System

Sellution allows you to track and manage phone calls with more power, with more organization than ever before. You can even make and receive phone calls right in the browser.

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Smart Tools for Time Management

With Sellution's sales force automation software you'll be able to define daily routines and run a more efficient organization.

Bullet Check Icon Employee Scheduling

Easily schedule, tracks employee hours, manage employee availability, and more...

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Bullet Check Icon Opportunity Management

Track sales pipeline and close dates, to ensure you never miss a sales opportunity again.

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Bullet Check Icon Mobile

Access your CRM data from your mobile device. Add tasks, view contact details, log calls, and more..

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