Opportunity Management Software

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Manage Opportunities and Maximize Conversion Rates!

Track the sales cycle for each opportunity from being a prospect to closing with sales won or lost.

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Build Your Sales Cycle

Build your sales funnel and interactively manage all your deals.

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Improve Your Win Rates

Empower your sales and marketing teams to work in harmony.

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Gain Valuable Insights

Assess opportunities, qualify leads, and gain insights.

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Alert & Notifications

Track and monitor deals so you never miss an opportunity.

Mobile Reporting

The Mobile Opportunity

With Sellution's Opportunity Management Software your sales team will have real-time access on their mobile device about every deal in the sales pipeline.

Drill Down Reporting

Click on any opportunity in the pipeline to see important information about the deal, like related contacts, activities, expected close dates, and more...

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Opportunity Management Software

Sellution's opportunity and quote management software work together seamlessly allowing you to create quotes right from each opportunity.

Opportunity Profile

"Never miss another conversion with Sellution's easy-to-use interactive sales pipeline."

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Organize, Track & Manage Your Deals!

Enjoy an automated sales reporting system, updated in real-time, as your customer sales cycle develops.


50 # of Deals in Pipeline

*Identify sales ready leads

Deal Size

$25,000 Avg Deal Value

*Prioritize and focus on the deals that matter most

Close Ratio

50% More Productive

*Understand your buyers' buying process

Sales Velocity

65 Avg Days Spent in Pipeline

*Manage the sales process from lead to close

Smart Tools for Opportunity Management

Sellution features a wealth of tools and widgets, allowing you to enjoy the full functionality of an automated sales team.

Bullet Check Icon Sales Pipeline

Our sales pipeline allows you to drag and drop deals from one stage to the next.

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Bullet Check Icon Workflow Manager

Create custom pipelines with your very own unique stages and workflows.

Bullet Check Icon Activity Management

Opportunities are seamlessly integrated into your daily planner so you never miss a deal.

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Bullet Check Icon CRM Integration

Empower your salespeople with access to actionable business intelligence.

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Bullet Check Icon Business Mapping

See your opportunities and deals come to life with our interactive map technology.

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Bullet Check Icon Notifications

Automated notifications keep your sales team in sync with the sales process.

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