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Sellution Quote

A Smarter Quote Management System

Sellution’s quote management tools allow you to save time quoting so you can spend more time closing deals.

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Manage Sales Quotes

Allow your sales reps to have the tools they need to manage their quotes.

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Quote Automation

Save time by eliminating error-prone manual work when creating quotes.

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Quote Analytics

Analyze business intelligence to increase sales and maximize margins.

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Email Quotes

Start sending quotes in a timely manner and start winning more deals.

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Quote Management

Sellution’s quote management system allows you to streamline your quote generation process.

Choose quotes and send them with a click of the button.


Quote Generation

When creating a quote, you have access to your complete product line, allowing you to assess factors such as order quantity, availability, demand and shipping details, in order to swiftly calculate a sales proposal.


"With Sellution you can create professional quotes in minutes. Save time, quote more, and win more deals!"

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Once a quote is generated, Sellution updates your opportunity and sales modules – automatically updating the relevant customer records and notifying members of the sales team.

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Price Book

Price Books

Sellution provides customizable Price Books, a feature that enables you to take even more control over the way your quotes are crafted.

Product Pricing

Price books are managed in Sellution's Ecommerce Software, here you can set costs and margins, deals and volume discounts.

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Smart Tools For Online Quote Management!

Instantly create quotes eliminating the hassles associated with poor organizational management.

Bullet Check Icon Quote Automation

Automate repetitive task associated with quote generation so you focus on closing more deals.

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Sellution’s simple and easy-to-use interface makes quoting a breeze.

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Easily create and build your own shipping zones. Set base rates and multipliers for states or countries.

Bullet Check Icon Payment Processing

Allow your customers to easily and securely place orders online.

Bullet Check Icon Product Manager

With Sellutions's quote manager you'll have access to your entire product library.

Bullet Check Icon Inventory Management

Gain a real-time view into your inventory levels and costs.