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Unified Commerce

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Unify Your Business

Today's consumers expect to be able to transact anywhere, anytime on any device and the customer experience needs to be seamless.

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The Problem

When data about your customers' is scattered in a bunch of different apps, collecting and managing it is expensive, complex, and time consuming. To make matters worse, it makes it virtually impossible to access your business intelligence.

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Sellution's Unified Commerce Platform

Sellution is a Unified Commerce Platform, with a complete range of tools already integrated and available at your fingertips. The platform was built to eliminate barriers to the flow of data across sales, marketing, and customer service channels.

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Benefits of Unified Commerce

Sellution's Unified Commerce Platform, enables you to deliver significant benefits to your company and your customers:

Cost Efficient

Eliminate the need for costly apps.


Give your customers the flexibility to buy online and pick up in your store.

Single Record

Gain a singular view of all your customer’s touchpoints including, purchase history, browsing behavior, personal preferences and more...

Business Intelligence

Effortlessly share information across your entire organization.


“Sellution's Unified Commerce Platform is empowering retailers to create personalized shopping experiences.”

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Real-time KPI's

Sellution synchronizes your entire business operation allowing you to track and measure performance in real time.

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Collect Data

Collect data from Sellution's POS, Mobile Phone App, and more...

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Gain Valuable Insights

Understand your customers' buying patterns, and much more...

Frequently Asked Questions!

See some commonly asked questions below:

What is Unified Commerce?

Unified Commerce describes the idea of bringing together, unifying, or interconnecting the various software solutions required to sell products across different channels.

What's the difference between Unified Commerce & Omni-Channel?

In omni-channel, you have multiple channels, but you don’t have one piece of software. With unified commerce you have a one application with access to your data in real time.

I'm a small business, do I need Unified Commerce?

Small businesses should be able to implement unified commerce sooner than large companies and gain a competitive advantage...

Why should I make Unified Commerce a top priority?

If you don't have the tools to deliver a seamless shopping experience across all your sales channels you will not be able to keep up with their rising expectations of today's demanding consumers.