Cloud-Based Call Center

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Unlock the Power of Voice!

Sellution finally gives you the power to seamlessly integrate telephone functionality into an online business platform.

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Build A Call Center

Create call trees in to route in-coming calls.

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Make Browser Calls

Make and Receive calls right in your browser.

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Monitor Call Activity

Monitor call quotas and measure quality assurance.

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Manage Phone Numbers

Buy your own business phone numbers for $1 a month.

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Sellution's Voice App

With Sellution calls are routed through the software, allowing you to manage every aspect of your telephone network.


Assign your reps their own unique phone number with a click of a button.


Easily search for contacts via our aggregated contact search engine.

Sequential Dialing

Set up sequential dialing rules and redirect incoming calls to your mobile phone, home, and more...

Call Recording

Log & Record Phone Calls

Sellution logs all your calls so you can reference them at anytime.

Save calls to the contact's profile.

Keeping tabs on the customer conversation is critical for evaluating the customer service experience.



Post incoming and outgoing calls to your company news feed.

Real-Time Notifications

Every conversation can easily be shared on your news feed or private sales channels. Track sales rep performance, keep colleagues in the loop, and much more...


"Sellution's cloud-based phone system can transform your voice communications into improved customer loyalty, efficiency, and real-time business intelligence."

Scott E. Snyder, CEO & Founder
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Voice Pricing for the United States

For $1 in Voice credit will give you approximately 50 minutes of talk time in the US!

Phone Numbers

$1 per/month

*Rates vary by country


$0.016 per/minute

*Rates vary by country


$0.013 per/minute

*Rates vary by country


$0.05 per/minute

*Rates vary by country

Recording List

Call History and Recordings

Never worry about forgetting parts of an important conversation.

Access Call Recordings

All calls are stored under the relevant contact profile in Sellution's comprehensive CRM system.

Cloud-Based Call Center Software Features

It’s the voice application you need to deliver amazing customer service and to grow your business.

Bullet Check Icon Inbound / Outbound Calling

Provide your sales and customer service teams with intelligent inbound/outbound dialing.

Bullet Check Icon Call Logs

Calls are logged with a date and time stamp and stored in the contacts profile.

Bullet Check Icon Call Recording

Calls can be reviewed for quality assurance, training, collaboration, and much more...

Bullet Check Icon Conference Call

Create a conference room, have a call moderator, and much more...

Bullet Check Icon IVR Call Routing

Queue incoming calls before sending them through to the next available agent.

Bullet Check Icon Voice Analytics

Review your sales team’s call activity, measure call quotas and much more...

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