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A Unified Commerce Platform
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A Complete Bar & Restaurant POS System

Manage your entire Bar & Restaurant Business with Sellution's Unified Commerce Platform. It's everything you need to deliver a better customer experience and run a more profitable business.

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Collect Data

Collect data from Sellution's POS, Mobile Phone App, and more...

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Analyze shopping behavior to determine how customers engage with your stores.

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Easily visualize data, identify trends, and compare them across any time period.

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Gain Valuable Insights

Understand your customer, buying patterns, and much more...


Table Management

Sellution is more than just a Point of Sale System. It's a Unified Commerce Platform that allows you to easily run your entire back office operation. Run your store, manage inventory, launch marketing campaigns, connect with your customers, and sell anytime and anywhere!


Wait List Notification

Customer experience directly impacts referrals, repurchase, renewals, and reputation.



All The Ingredients for Growing Your Business!


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“Sellution's Unified Commerce Platform is empowering retailers to create personalized shopping experiences.”

Smart Features for Retail Point-of-Sale

Sellution turns your iPad into a point-of-sale system to run and grow your business

Bullet Check Icon Integrated CRM

With Sellution, every transaction that's processed will be automatically tracked in a customer profile.

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Bullet Check Icon E-commerce

Sellution's POS system syncs and works in perfect harmony with our CRM, Marketing, Customer Service, and Ecommerce tools.

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Bullet Check Icon Shift Management

Set up staff, positions, wages, overtime, and commissions. Each staff member's performance can be tracked and analyzed.

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Bullet Check Icon Credit Card Processing

Your customers' credit card information is encrypted at the moment of swipe. Data is stored on our servers, not on your reader or device.

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Bullet Check Icon Order Management

Our robust order management system will allow you to view all orders, search by customer, product, or date.

Bullet Check Icon Smart Reporting

Sellution's dynamic reporting engine will help you analyze and gain insight into your products, orders and payment history.

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